Progressive Missions

UgandaMissions_2016_2B_Web from Mark DeCourcey on Vimeo.

What does “help” look like?

Rescue – There are times when people just need to be rescued. We have the opportunity and the calling to help our brothers and sisters in their time of great need. There is a time and a place to simply give in order to rescue a struggling people.

Help doesn’t end there.┬áRescue is a short-term solution. It can not be sustained and it does not help for long. When our efforts are limited to rescue, there will never be lasting impact. Ongoing rescue simply traps the helper and the helped in a cycle of dependency.

Rehabilitation – We must transition our efforts from the hand-out to the hand-up. Rehabilitation is an investment in time and an investment in people. It requires us to stand alongside our brothers and sisters in developing countries.

Long-term impact comes with the investment of time, experience, education, training, encouragement, etc. The way we approach the mission must change. If we are going to make a difference, we must be…PROGRESSIVE.

Addressing poverty by investing in people.